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!!! WINNERS !!!
This was harder than expected. I had to have my daughter help narrow down the finalists, so take that into account. I'll round up all the winners' shipping addresses tomorrow. I hope everyone at least found something new they enjoy.

Grand Prize - First pick. (Chose #1)

Grand Prize - Leftovers.

Consolation Prize Winners -








This video was a wild fuckin' ride.

Option #1 on the left, #2 on the right.
9 individuals will each receive one new D&H mag ( If legal where you live, of course)

Hey all. I don't really care for stickers, but I know some of you are all about that life so I save them just for you. If you live in a free state, I'll also throw in a new D&H magazine.

So here's the game... My playlist has grown stale. Link a youtube vid of a somewhat lesser known jam you think I'll like. My tastes are rather eclectic, so hit me with whatever. I'll pick two winners later this evening. First place get's their pick of stickers, second place get leftovers.

Is your flair less than 5? You can play too. Reply to the automod comment below.

EDIT: This is blowing up! May take me an extra day to get through, BUT I'M GONNA GIVE OUT MORE MAGS as consolation prizes. So keep posting.
I also wanna shout out a thank you to u/swellfie
I won his dad joke giveaway the other day for some cash that'll help cover my shipping costs here.

Since this has become a big ol' community share session, here's one from me. Not necessarily indicative of what I may pick:
Colter Wall, from when he came through here last fall -
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They bought Biden with the price of our future, superglue that price tag to all neoliberal democrats and destroy them

Fact: The entire democratic party devoted all of their energies to sabotaging and destroying Bernie's campaign (again). We all are fucked beyond measure because they had one out to beat Bernie and that was Biden.
  1. The combination of rigged e-voting machines,
  2. media propaganda,
  3. the dumb state of South Carolina (39th out of 50 in IQ, yee-haw), South Carolina being given more attention and weight than Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada combined.
  4. every neoliberal dropping out to endorse Biden,
  5. Warren taking a neoliberal-funded superpac to split the progressive vote,
  6. Bloomberg buying all of the ad space and jacking up the price to advertize,
  7. Buttigieg stealing the spotlight after Iowa,
  8. Obama strong-arming and orchestrating fiercely behind the scenes,
  9. Hillary taking shameless potshots from the gutter,
  10. democrats in congress saying they wouldn't endorse Bernie or even that they'd vote for Trump
on and on and on. The list of ratfucking is endless (as it is for 2016).
Now they picked someone even worse than Hillary (not as disliked as Hillary, but worse in every other aspect). They picked someone I wouldn't trust to wipe his own ass or find his way to the mailbox and back. They picked someone that
  1. proudly prostitutes himself to the highest bidders.
  2. Someone that announced their entrance into the primary while giving the Comcast CEO a handjob.
  3. Someone that said he'd consider a republican VP.
  4. Someone that wrote the Crime Bill
  5. Someone that wrote the Bankruptcy Bill
  6. Someone that wrote the Patriot Act
  7. Someone that said AOC is a fluke
  8. Someone that said Buttigieg is the future of the party (fucking YIKES!)
  9. Someone that said people want the status quo and don't want things to change.
  10. Someone that said they'd veto M4A
  11. Someone that said you like your health insurance now and should have that choice (You people dying, you like it? You people unemployed praying that you can stay safe, you like it? All of you expected to pay $3000 for the COVID vaccine because the companies that used your tax dollars to work towards a vaccine want to fuck you twice over with Biden's blessing, you like that?)
  12. Someone that has to hide in a basement because the dementia has eaten away so much of his brain that he can't suppress his racist thoughts, let alone string together a coherent series of words. This guy is so fucking embarrassing.
So, congrats to the establishment democrats. They did it. They fucked us, fucked the country, and possibly ensured that climate change will be the end of life as we know it. All so the fucking millionaires can keep collecting checks from the fucking billionaires.
They made their bed and I think we should force them to lie in it long after Bernie is nothing but a memory. Every neoliberal, establishment democrats from here on out should just be called a Biden democrat. The Biden brand should be superglued to every Buttigieg-type motherfucker until they are all removed from office or the country collapses. They wanted that bowl of shit so badly, make them eat every spoonful and keep serving them more. They vote to reject M4A and legalized marijuana from even the lip service, meaningless democrat platform? Fine. Fuck them all and brand them on their corrupt asses with "Biden democrats". Four years of creepy, rapist, dementia Joe is going to leave a stink that'll last for at least a generation. The main tool to combat this "Biden democrat" labelling is oligarchy news brainwashing the Boomers, but every day the Boomers are dying. Impoverished, desperate, furious Millennials, gen z, and beyond are replacing them. These are people that will never vote for Biden democrats.
The main challenge will be for future voters to separate the Warren fauxgressive snakes from the real progressives. That's going to be difficult because *everyone* will talk up the progressive agenda (remember everyone except Biden supported M4A at the start of the primary when they tried to push out Bernie by muddying the waters).
tl;;dr (because I'm just going to end up ranting at this point):
  1. They fucked us, let's fuck them by branding neoliberals as "Biden democrats"
  2. We (really you guys, as I'm old) are gaining more power every day because the boomers are dying and, therefore, oligarchy news outlets are losing their brainwashing options.
  3. Be prepared to separate the fauxgressives from the progressives. Snake Warren shows that A) it's going to be a dominant tactic in the future and B) the voting public really fucking sucks at identifying the fake from the genuine.
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Choose your Basketball Ability.

An angel pops up to you and tells you that you will now enter the 2020 NBA Draft, being viewed by scouts and the public as a top 15 prospect.
However, you will not be left to face the talents of the NBA by yourself. You will be given a few free benefits in order to prepare.
1) You will be given 6 months to train with 9 Elite G-League Players (who's goal is to help you improve) alongside the best possible trainer for your growth. This will take place in a pocket dimension, when you exit, time will have only been advanced by 1 second. Injuries that occur here will be healed instantly and you won't notice.
2) You will be aged (up or down) to 17 Years and 6 months. After you finish training, you will be 18 years old, as if you graduated on your birthday.
3) Everyone you know will not find it odd that you're 18, and all your legal papers will support this.
4) (Optional), you gain 4 inches and 20 pound of muscle/lose 20 pounds of fat.
Now that you've trained and prepared, there's one final gift you can choose from out of the upcoming 6, assume that all the following are at their Peak and you know how to incorporate them into your current skillset.
Decision Time
1) Steph Curry's Shooting
2) Giannis's Size and Athleticism
3) Kyrie's Handles and Finishing
4) LeBron's Playmaking and IQ
5) Kawhi Leonard's Defense and (optional) Laugh
6) Jordan's Mentality and Work Ethic.
As you feel yourself become empowered, you hear the Angel say "May your career be prosperous and full of many adventures". Hopefully you'll live up to her expectations.
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Hunting in California 101: How to Get Started (a Non-Definitive Guide)

Hunting in California 101: What I Wish I Knew When I Started

I swear it's really not as bad as people make it out to be.


So you're probably reading this because you're interested in hunting in California and/or you're a new hunter who is struggling to do more than take a long walk in the woods with your weapon of choice. That or you just want to find all my mistakes and point them out. Great! This is written for you (even the pedants).
Since someone will ask, no I do not work for Fish and Wildlife. No I am not some professional guide or outfitter. I've just spent a lot of time hunting here as well as other states. I'm a transplanted software engineer on the Losing Side of Twenty-Five who fell victim to the sun and salary trap of San Diego and now I'm stuck. I've posted quite a bit on this subreddit before on a different Reddit account and even met with people from here. Then I lost the password to that account and I guess I never set up a recovery email. I'm bad with computers. Thank God I can fool my employer.

Part 0: How do I actually get started hunting in California?

Part 1: What do I really need for hunting?

Part 2: Tags, Stamps, and Points. Oh my!

Part 3: Finding Public Land to Hunt On

It's not that hard. I swear. There are 38,197,000 acres of public land--38% of the entire state--open to hunting. Is it hard to find GOOD hunting land not overrun by other hunters? Yes. That's why you scout and get used to hiking quite a bit. It's not impossible, however, and that's what matters.
Use OnX. No seriously. It's worth every cent. Every single time a new hunter asks me where to go my answer is OnX. I don't want to do a write-up on every amazing feature this software has to offer because they have a YouTube channel where they do it better than I ever could. That being said, there are a few things worth mentioning for people who are too lazy to watch some YouTube videos.
First - you can use OnX from both a PC and smartphone. I'm mentioning this because quite a few people I know were surprised when I told them the website works from PC. It's way easier to plan a hunt on a 27 inch monitor than a 5.8 inch phone. The website and the phone app are synced so if you add a marker to the website, it appears on the phone (and vice versa).
Second - check out the layers library and use them. As an example, you should have the layer for recent fires turned on when you're looking for bear, deer or elk opportunities. Again, I'm not sure why people don't realize this is available.
Third - use markers and colors which make sense. When I first started using OnX, I would mark everything in the most haphazard fashion. It's not useful. I suggest keeping it simple. If I think an area might have access I drop a yellow "A", if I confirm that it has access I drop a blue"A" and if it turns out there's no getting there I set a red "A". It makes it easy to read quickly. However, do whatever is easy and works for you. Just make sure you understand what you're looking at and you're consistent with it.
What kind of land can I hunt on? Legal Disclaimer: You should verify with all respective agencies and landowners that hunting is permitted at specific locations because I'm not responsible for you going to jail etc.
What Kind of land CAN'T I hunt on?
Will you tell me your secret spot?
I don't have one and none of my spots are secrets. They're all on public land. If you're really lost-in-space or just generally nervous about going somewhere you scouted through a website and you happen to be local to Southern California, just message me and I'll help out. It's really not that difficult though.

Part 4: Alternatives For When You Don't Get The Tag You Want

SHARE Hunts for Elk
This is a California-specific hunting opportunity. It's another lottery but it's an agreement between the state and private landowners to permit very regulated hunting on their properties. Each hunt is different and, again, this is a lottery so it's basically a moonshot; however, the odds of getting drawn on an elk tag is actually higher here than most general draws are with zero points. The money goes back into the program. The SHARE elk drawings close 7/24 this year. Which happens to be today. You can read more about the SHARE opportunities here. Enter through the online DFW license sales.
Leaving California (Hunting out-of-state): Since you can check out, but never leave, right? It's worth looking at other states.

Continued Here: Hunting In California 102: Draws, Deer, and Dove. Plus a bit on finding a hunting buddy.

I noticed a mistake!
Great! Comment below and I'll fix it. We're all human and I don't pretend to be infallible.
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Boycott the New York State Bar Association

As you all know, New York still plans to conduct an online bar exam which is still an incredibly inequitable option—for just a few reasons why, please check out this letter and report from NDLSA, or this report from NYSBA's Task Force on the NY Bar Exam.
The NY State Bar Association (NYSBA) has shown no public leadership and has not been responsive to the efforts various student groups have made to communicate with them. As a result, the New York State Law Grad Coalition and United for Diploma Privilege New York are calling on all October bar exam takers and other potential or current NYSBA members to withhold membership and participation in an organization that does not represent us. (This includes current students, professors, and attorneys who were not asked to take an untested online version of the bar exam!)
If you would like to join the boycott of the NYSBA, please read the letter addressed to President Karson and add your name to let NYSBA know you also feel disappointed by their lack of advocacy here.
For more information, see the email from NYSLGC below:
"The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) seems to hold significant influence on admission to the New York State Bar. This is evidenced by the Court of Appeals’s adoption of recommendations made by NYSBA on March 30, 2020. With that in mind, law graduates have repeatedly sought to engage with NYSBA regarding the current issues surrounding the New York Bar exam
Almost two weeks ago, the New York State Law Grad Coalition (NYSLGC) sent a letter to NYSBA President Scott Karson asking to clarify NYSBA’s stance on an online bar exam. Prior to that letter, United for Diploma Privilege New York sent a letter to NYSBA’s Task Force for Attorney Well-Being asking for support during this difficult time. NYSBA has failed to respond to either group.
NYSBA calls itself the “voice of the legal profession in New York,” yet we’ve only heard its silence. NYSLGC and United for Diploma Privilege New York have determined that NYSBA does not represent our interests and therefore does not deserve our membership, dues, or participation in CLE programs. We ask you to join us as we boycott the NYSBA. Please read the letter addressed to President Karson and add your name to let NYSBA know you also feel disappointed by their lack of advocacy here.
Please pass this letter on to professors, attorneys, and current students. Any potential NYSBA members who are sympathetic to this issue can and should sign on. As noted in our letter, NYSBA has shown no interest in supporting or recognizing the plight of nascent attorneys. Please join us in withholding support of this organization until it actually and adequately represents us.
Finally, we are aware of comments by some suggesting that advocates for Diploma Privilege might face Character and Fitness issues. These comments have generally referenced harassment; thus, we urge all who advocate for equitable admission to the Bar to do so respectfully. Otherwise we see no reason why this advocacy and the related viewpoints, by themselves, would raise any issues of Character and Fitness."
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Results of the Dude, Guy, Bust: 2018 Class Edition

Hey /Huskers! I’ve closed the Dude Guy Bust survey for the 2018 class and compiled the results. I’ll likely have the next survey posted tomorrow.
In order to quantifiably determine which player is a Dude, Guy, or Bust, I decided to take the results, and assign every Dude vote a score of 2, every Guy vote a 1, every Who? and TBD vote a 0, and every Bust vote a -1. I added up the scores of each player and normalized them to a scale of 0-1 where a 0 is where every respondent gave a vote of Bust and 1 is where every respondent gave a vote of Dude. This score is called the Dude-Guy-Bust Index (DGB-Index). In order to classify the Dude-ness of a player, I took whichever score their DGB-Index as closest to (and excluded No Opinion as a classification option). This means that 0-0.3333 is a Miss/Bust, 0.3334-0.8333 is a Guy, and 0.8334-1 is a Hit/Dude. In the case of a player who gets over 20% of the responses as To Be Determined and either Bust or Dude + Guy is less than 50%, I’m going to put them in a separate To Be Determined category and give the predicted results by replacing the To Be Determined votes with the predictions that followed it. The breakdown of the class using this method is as follows:
Below I've listed out each Dude, Guy, and Bust in order of their DGB-Index and gave a short blurb for each player:




To Be Determined

Notable Survey Comments

This was a tougher class to evaluate. A lot of guys are TBD. And then you have a someone like Maurice Washington who is a Dude, but got kicked off the team. So does that make him a bust?
This is definitely a more difficult class. The next one will probably be tougher. The evaluation is why this is fun though 😊
love u bby psyspoopy
luv u 2
A lot of potential. 2020 season could push a couple up to dude level.
Absolutely, quite a few Guys that could make the jump with a good season.
I love these.. thank you.
Thank you, I’m really enjoying putting these together and am very glad at the response that they’ve received.


This class still has a pretty high bust rate, especially for how young it is. However, it is refreshing to see at least some of the top guys in the class sticking around and becoming contributors at the very least after the nightmare that was the 2017 class.
What do you think? Do you disagree/agree with where these players ended up? Any thoughts on this class or any of the players in it?
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I Read UnOrdinary For The First Time a Couple of Weeks ago: Here Are My Thoughts.

As the title states, I read UnOrdinary for the first time a couple of weeks ago and took some time to reflect on it. While I enjoyed some portions, I came across several important, unanswered questions, and issues that I believe are fundamentally hurting the comic. These are my thoughts on the webcomic as a whole
This post will be separated into 4 sections: Intro, World, Characters, and Narrative. If you feel like I have missed something or misunderstood something, please feel free to reference it in the comments down below. I condemn and discourage all harassment of the writer and her crew. If you have to go out of your way to harass someone because someone made a story you didn’t like, you are not mature enough for discourse.
Impressions: UnOrdinary is a webcomic surrounding the character of John, a high-tier superpowered teenager who disguises himself as a cripple for a good portion of the comic. The story has an array of side characters and an interesting premise. Its major flaws are that it leaves too many questions and loose ends around at the same time while displaying amateurish worldbuilding along with an unlikable cast. To start, the world:
I will start with the positives: The concept and power system is fairly well made. The power structure. While not yet clear on limitations/backfires, it gives good structure to the combat and a fairly solid power scaling system. The story does a good job of making the reader want to know more as well, with things such as power studying facilities referenced.
Some other world elements will be referenced in the other sections, but this is just to get down the bulk. Ooooh boy, where to start? The premise of this world is that people have superpowers now. These superpowers cause class divides and make a caste system of sorts, with “cripples”, people w/o superpowers, at the bottom. The issues start to arise with how this is shown. The world of the comic is run by a mysterious force referred to as the authorities. Disregarding the lazy name, there is very little to no info on who these guys are besides two characters. They are sort of the boogeyman of this universe. And that lack of info only leads to a shit ton more questions. How extensive are the “authorities” reach? What kind of organization are the authorities? Do they even have an official name? For a story with 190 chapters, you would think that the reader would get even a minor semblance of what these answers could be. The main focus of the authorities in the story is their possible connection to another mysterious force known as EMBER. EMBER’s whole game is shutting down high-tier superheroes, and nothing else, only bolstering the collision theory. This brings the world to the issue of superheroes. In the comic, John’s dad wrote a book with the story’s namesake, which got banned "Fahrenheit 451" style, because it inspired the concept of superheroes.
Now a little tangent on this concept alone. The story is trying to make the reader believe that this book inspired an influx of people inspired to be superheroes. This then begs the question, how come nobody thought of this before, which leads to an even bigger question: How long have superpowers been around? From the way society is structured, I would assume a long time. And if that is the case, how was all of history changed by it? What happened during WW1, WW2, the Civil Rights movement? Or is this a completely separate planet from Earth? If so, what is their history, who was the first case of superpowers? Are there different nations, or is it a 1 world government? Once taking all of this into account, you realize exactly how half baked the world is. Back to the topic of EMBER. If the authorities don’t like superheroes and use EMBER to take them out, what is the authorities’ law enforcement like? What allows them to stop a high tier wreaking havoc? Because it is clear that law enforcement has a hard time dealing with drugged mid-tiers, in the comic itself. Which of course leads to more questions: What is crime like in this world, are there mobs? There is a known black market, and with people having superpowers, a criminal underbelly would be extremely difficult to handle. So why kill the superheroes? To preserve the broken ass society structure.
This brings us to the mess that is Wellston High. Who runs this school? Because apparently, near-lethal levels of assault are just perfectly legal here. Where are the teachers during these epic fights that leave the parties involved with multiple severe injuries? How on earth can a group of students straight up kidnap someone in broad daylight, take them to a house outside of campus, and beat them for a couple of days with no repercussions from any authority figure, leaving THE STUDENTS to conduct a search party themselves? What happens when these students leave high school? Do they go to college? Is the structure the same there? How come that level of destruction is left completely unchecked in a major part of these kid’s lives, and they don’t take that into the world outside? Why aren’t public fights common? There are supposedly professional users, with tournaments and all, but is that the only career path? WHY ARE THERE TURF WARS?! Why does this also happen in grade school? Why is this dangerous behavior so greatly encouraged if the authorities value societal structure enough to kill the superheroes who threaten it? And if they are trying to preserve this, why is a supposed representative of EMBER, Vulcan, selling ability enhancement drugs to mid-tiers? There is no clear end game for the antagonists of the series, and they aren’t even a primary focus for the majority of the webcomic.
The highschool shown in the webcomic is a great example of making a setting so unreasonably dangerous that it feels like there are no consequences for anyone’s actions. Paired with the already half baked world, there is very little explanation of how society got to this point. This isn’t even including the implication of things like healing and healing tonics, and how that has affected the medical industry and general perception of death. This is a world where a girl can be drugged and nearly killed in an alleyway in broad daylight. And there is no elaboration or explanation for what the deal is with the authorities and EMBER. This would be such a big deal if there wasn’t 190 chapters.
In the early, early chapters, the characters were endearing and fun enough to hook you on to where the story may go. But as the story goes on, they become unlikeable to the point where you don’t root for anyone. There are four main characters, John, Seraphina, Arlo, and Remi.
John: The character I probably have the most sympathy for, but the most frustrating to read nonetheless. John is supposed to be our MC, the main dude we follow throughout the story. But as the story goes on, he goes from a primary role to an antagonistic one. The reason I have the most sympathy with him is that it is clear that he has psychological trauma running the show. When people go through trauma and undergo long periods of stress, say bullying, they start to react accordingly. While I am not a licensed professional, I have some knowledge of the way the mind works in this scenario. Humans are not built to go through trauma, and when they are faced with a situation like the one John is in, they are thrown out of their “window of tolerance”. The window of tolerance is different for everyone, but for those who have undergone trauma, it is easier to be thrown out of. When this happens, they have many different responses, with a common one being “fight”. It is clear that all the bullying John went through put him under an unhealthy amount of stress, coupled with the fact that the society around him encouraged it. So, of course, he would become sporadic and unhinged, calm in some moments, and a raging mess in others.
But my issues with it come when John acts like this all the time. Something about being out of your window of tolerance for too long is the exhaustion that comes afterward. Your body physically doesn’t have enough energy to keep up your fight response all the time. There are also a ton more factors to someone’s specific mental health that would exacerbate the issue, but none of this is used for his character and is used as a device to propel him in the role of an antagonist. While he does need help, using mental health issues to turn your protagonist into an antagonist has to be done in a certain way. You have to show nuance. And actively make him look flawed rather than “evil”. John has an excuse for acting irrationally now and then, but don’ make him stupid either. Another issue is the implication the authorities have in his mental state. Why is this a thing? The authorities are not stupid, why did they think traumatizing high-tiers without options of therapy was a good idea to handle their rowdiness? How is mental health even looked at in this world? More questions. The most egregious issue is that John doesn’t have much stake in the EMBER plot, which seems to be the larger conflict of the webcomic. All the other primary characters have a fine motive to pursue EMBER and the drug dealers, except John. That is a huge issue that shouldn’t have lasted until chapter 190.
The other thing that you would think would be super important is his relationship with his dad, since he is the one who wrote the book with the series namesake. You would think that John, more than anyone, would try to become a superhero. But no, that isn’t even a primary focus right now. They kinda just dropped the plot you would think would be the most important for John’s character.
Seraphina: While being the only character with positive character development, it was done in a pretty lazy way. Seraphina loses her broken ability, okay, fun concept! But how? Through a group that is separated from EMBER drugging her in broad daylight. This doesn’t even start to explore the implications of a permanent depowering drug. But okay, it happens, fairly early on too. And the only lead the story gives you until Chapter 190 is that a kid named Terrance may be involved. She just deals with this. Which is fine, but you would think this would take more agency. Why wouldn’t the authorities hunt for the people who can take away people’s powers? Doesn’t that also jeopardize the societal structure? What about EMBER?
Getting back to Sera, I like her character overall. She starts to grow fond of her fellow “cripples” and is the only one trying to understand what is going on with John. Her bond with John early on was really fun, and a highlight of the story, and while I am fine with that kind of dynamic changing, keeping it like this for so long without any actual progression to a better state in their relationship starts to get depressing after the 50th chapter of it going on. And since you already feel bad about John, and know that the natural conclusion of the whole situation is Sera getting her powers back, and beating John, you kinda dread it.
Arlo: Oh Ass-lo, where to start with him. He has the opposite progression of John, but with the same issue. Arlo while is right with a lot of the things he calls out, is super hypocritical due to his blatant complacency of the flaws in the system HE ran. He preaches diplomacy, yet his way of getting John to reveal himself was the most extreme thing he could’ve done. He knew he was a high tier, so why did he have two mid-tiers try to beat him up? Did he think that John would be all buddy-buddy in his hierarchy after that? It was the worst course of action he could’ve taken, and this immediately makes you lose sympathy with him, early in the webcomic. So with all that established, why is he pushed so hard as being a protagonist now, it’s to the point where he almost overshadows John. He gets consistent IQ drops in the story despite being paraded around as the “Kind”. For a “King”, he governs like shit.
Remi: Remi seems to have the most backstory to be a protagonist in the webcomic than any of the other 3. EMBER killed her brother, a mysterious group drugged her friend, taking her power. She has a run-in with an EMBER member selling power enhancement drugs. She has the most motive to be the most compelling protagonist in the webcomic. But this gets sidelined by so much that it muddles that fact. John should have all of this since he is the protagonist. That is the biggest issue, Remy has all the parts to be the protagonist, that the actual protagonist doesn’t have. And to top it all off, she seems super ignorant of the struggles people in the lower tiers go through despite it being everywhere. This takes what would’ve been an endearing character, and turns into one you question the intelligence of. This happens in both the highschool plot and the superhero one. This brings us into the next section.
So, What even is the story? From what is going on right now, the main plots currently going on are the:
Wellston plot
EMBER plot
The John plot
The Seraphina plot
And none of these seem to have any cohesion with each other, with John, the main character, only being active in 2. And these 2 have taken the focus, that being the Wellston and John plot. This is effectively the plot surrounding John’s past and the current situation at Wellston. And these 2 are poor to say the least. The issue with these ones as of right now, is that they’re being propelled by the incompetence of the other characters with no real end goal. The story everyone is most interested in by the looks of things are the plot surrounding EMBER and the Authorities, and Seraphina losing her powers. Both of which we have little to no info on, 190 chapters in. We still don’t know what EMBER’s endgame is, we don’t know who took Sera’s powers, and we don’t really know how Wellston is gonna turn up.
This all displays a lack of focus in the direction of the story, since you have 4 main characters spread across 4 different plots with little interconnection. While some plots go hand in hand with others, there isn’t an overarching narrative that ties them all together. Who is the main antagonist? John? EMBER? The Authorities? As of right now the story can’t decide whether it wants to be a highschool drama or a superhero drama when it should be interconnected. The segments involving EMBER and the segments involving Wellston feel like 2 completely different stories with different protagonists or antagonists. This was less of an issue in the early chapters, but since nearly 200 have come out, these plots need to start getting connected. John needs more stake in the EMBER plot, because while Sera, Remy, and Arlo have some connection, they almost seem sidetracked by John’s BS.
That is not to say that there aren't some positive elements to the story. The symbolism and the foreshadowing displayed throughout the webcomic is pretty neat. The way the characters deal with the society, while boring at times, is fairly reasonable. When writing, there needs to be a distinction between what makes sense and what is entertaining. If you have written your story well, it should be both. As of right now, while the story makes sense from a logical standpoint, it's not fun and disjointed.
But this can actually be solved in an interesting manner. Simply put, story wise, John needs a wake up call, something to get him to stop wise up to the things he has been doing, and get him involved with the EMBER situation. My way of doing this would be having EMBER take out John’s father. It has been clear since the beginning that EMBER is taking out superheroes, superheroes who have been coming in influx due to the book John’s father wrote. It would make sense that EMBER would want to kill John’s father, and if they are working with the authorities, they know that he is related to John. Killing John’s father, or at least wounding him severely, would not only give him a motive to actually work with the other 3 to take out EMBER, but to shake him out of his tyrannical reign over Wellston. But that is just a suggestion.
While I am fairly interested in where this comic will go next, I can no longer say it is enjoyab;e to read as of now. I feel like at the very least some of the plot issues should be addressed. Of course I am to questions/comments/contests to things I have said in the paragraphs above. Feel free to still have fun with the story, these are just the humble thoughts of a new guy.
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If the U.S divided into two different countries based on politics, what laws could you see the "Conservative States of America" having?

Similar to how India and Pakistan divided along religious lines. This time only with American Liberalism and American Conservatism dividing in the United States.

My Guesses:
There would be no First, Fourth, or Tenth Amendments, and Criminal Trials would have fewer protections for the defendant.
There would be a Death Penalty for possessing two ounces of Marijuana, possessing more than a box of Condoms, aiding and abetting an Abortion, being caught having sex with the same gender, getting Transgender hormone therapy abroad, and a whole bunch of other things.
All internet connected devices would have a content filter to block porn and other websites, which would be disabled if you pay $20. But in doing so, it would be public information, show up on background checks, and be known to the people you know.
All foreign media (of which there would be a limited amount legally available, due to protectionist Trump Supporters) would be censored like how over the air channels in the United States are. A Rated R movie would be bleeped and blurred beyond recognition in a CSA movie theater. Local media would have similar restrictions, but the content allowed would be agreed to before production so it wouldn't look censored.
Young Earth Creationism would be taught in public and private schools, there would be no sex-ed in schools in all either, and there would be mandatory class prayer and classes about Evangelical Christianity or Catholicism (depending on the parents' choice). Funding for other sports (soccer, Basketball, Hockey) would go to Men's High School Football.
All Men over the age of 18 would be required to own a gun, with a tax break if they own one considered to be an assault weapon.
Public Libraries, Fire Departments, and other things wouldn't exist anymore. Private Libraries (with heavily censored material and monthly membership fees) would exist, people would get Fire Insurance and other types of insurance. The private services would have options for lots of things that are public in the U.S.
Church Attendance would be required, and churches would be legally mandated to teach fundamentalist christian doctrine pre-approved by the government.
The police force would be massively more militarized than in the modern day U.S, and a huge portion of the government's budget would either go to Law Enforcement or the Military.
There would be a national land zoning law that would emphasize unwalkable single family suburbs at the expense of other options.
Trucks with loudspeakers would blast Right Wing talk radio at places like Football Games, Grocery Store parking lots, and through suburban neighborhoods.

What laws do you think we would see?
Do you disagree that any of mine would happen?
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Shadowverse Rotation Meta Report. August 16th

Welcome one and Welcome all to another Shadowverse Rotation Meta Report with me.. Imperial Dane ! We are but 4 days away from the release of the mini expansion which also sees the Lishenna Gacha leader added and the start of the Fate's Trigger Story arc as well.. plus who knows what sort of Balance changes and possible Collaborations.
But that is not the subject of this report. Rather let us look at what has happened during the previous week. As always using a mix of gamewith, and my own experiences along with tournament results.
In the great Forests of Forestcraft where Ancient oaks stand tall and all manner of creatures flitter about. We find Selwyn standing alone, wondering when he might finally get a remake.. and if possible, finally get a card that sees some serious usage for once rather than just being niche! Sure he may not be a cute girl, but that's no excuse for him to do so little!
For Forestcraft Terrorformer remains the nr 1 as always followed by Roach Forest, Evolve Forest and Amataz Forest. Overall Not much has changed for Forest, it remains in a stable position now due to its combo nature though the coming of the Archangel of Evocation could cause problems.
Terrorformer Forest
A combo deck with midrnage capability built around Terrorformer and Accelerate Synergies. The deck remains the most played Forest deck, potent when it pulls correctly, that said if it doesn' it typically does struggle quite a bit. Additionally the deck is rather skill intensive so is not a particularly recommendable deck for newer players.
Roach Forest
A combo deck built around Roach. Not much has overall changed though perhaps the new card revealed could perhaps allow it to switch back to a control form as it could receive a secondary win condition from the spell and technically not lose anything as it just replaces Harvest Season, hard to say. Overall a decent combo deck but one that requires a lot of skill to pilot succesfully.
Evolve Forest
A control deck built around Evolving. A more fringe deck that sees some play and can do alright in the right hands but for the most part is overshadowed by its combo brethren, additionally the loss of Zeus at the end of September also poses a potential headache. Decent but tricky to get full effort out of and is somewhat reliant on more aggressive decks to exist.
Amataz Forest
An Aggro/combo deck built around Amataz and Fairies. Mostly a fringe deck at the moment as it lacks something to really push through with, that said with a good hand it can go far. That said not a deck i can particularly strongly recommend at the moment.
In the great halls of the Eternal Castle Swordcraft. We find the assembled leaders watching a demonstration by Alyaska of the new Exterminus machines, obliterating multiple targets with ease, though when pressed for the cost of these things he gets a bit cagey.. additionally as to why these things aren't Machina and Commanders is also something where he merely responds that he can't provide Legal advice... whatever that means.
For Swordcraft Evolve Sword is the top deck followed by Rally Sword. Not seen much Hybrid sword at all. Overall Sword continues to struggle post Regal Wildcat Nerfs and we'll have to see if the two new cards provide a boost along with any potential balance changes. Unnerfing Regal Wildcat would go a long way for Sword.
Evolve Sword
A midrange deck built around Evolve Synergies. Still by far the most played Sword deck mostly though even then it's tournament presence is quite minimal. A solid deck in the right hands but does have its overall troubles in the meta as it can at times struggle to close out matches fast enough. Alyaska could allow for a more aggressive build perhaps or maybe Archangel of Evocation leads to a control build, who knows ?
Rally Sword
A tempo deck built around the rally mechanic and going wide. The deck continues to see some play but it does have its struggles in general with Earth Rite rune in particular being a problem. That said against less experienced opponents it is quite strong. Also works nicely against Burial Rite shadow. Will the new cards make a difference ? Perhaps, will depend on the wider meta but could maybe give Rally Sword more options to help push through with.
In the great mystical academies of Runecraft we find Erasmus in his Throne room, not particularly amused at the arrival of the Archangel of Evocation who seems to be harboring a particular grudge for Karyl for unknown reasons and he wonders if his time at the top may finally be at an end.. or if it may just be time to ditch karyl.
For Runecraft Earth Rite Rune continues to be the Apex of the class followed by Arcane Item Shop and the fringe Spellboost Rune. Overall the class remains in a strong position though Runie and the Archangel could perhaps result in some shifts within the class and to the classes overall strength.
Earth Rite Rune
A midrange deck built around Earth Rites and burning out the enemy. Still by far one of the strongest decks and also a very straightforward deck to play. It has overall few natural weaknesses at the moment making it quite popular. That said the mini expansion could shift things up by making it harder for it to achieve its burn strategy which could lead to a slump. Though that is merely speculation and hardly a prediction at the moment. Still a strong deck but could see itself wane a bit post mini expansion.
Arcane Item Shop Rune
A combo deck built around Arcane Item Shop. The deck continues to see some play though certainly not as popular as it was. Still it is by far one of the cheapest decks in the meta. A decent deck that does require a very skilled hand to pilot, the addition of Archangel of Evocation to the meta could cause a big problem for the deck as it really disrupts its gameplan and i could see a bit of a drop because of that.
Spellboost Rune
A midrange deck built around Spellboosting. A fringe deck at the moment but perhaps the addition of Runie plus perhaps another card along with Meta changes could see it boosted a bit in terms of strength and popularity. For now though that is hard to say though and i'd be careful to jump right into it, but it is something to keep an eye out for.
In the great Caverns of Dragoncraft where Ancient beasts slumbe amongst vast treasures. There is great excitement and joy as Filene makes her triumphant return to Rotation, with a hot new look too go along with it.
For Dragoncraft Discard Dragon remains the top deck followed by Natura Dragon and at the fringes, Big Dragon. Overall Dragon continues to remain in a good position in the meta. How the mini expansion could impact this we'll have to wait and see.
Discard Dragon
A midrange deck built around discarding cards. One of the strongest decks in the meta but also quite skill intensive as a lot of things have to be considered every turn meaning that while it performs well at tournaments it does not see a great deal of ladder play. So while strong it can be trickier to recommend.
Natura Dragon
A Midrange deck built around Natura and NaM. A solid deck that has made a slight return since the start of the expansion, it continues to do alright, especially with an experienced hand piloting it. How the mini expansion will impact it is harder to say.
Big Dragon
A combo deck built around titanic showdown. A fringe deck that sees some play here and there but nothing serious. A deck mostly for the fun of it than anything else and i don't think the mini expansion will have any impact on that. Not a particularly recommendable deck.
In the great catacomb of Shadowcraft where ancient cities lie buried forevermore. We find the leaders betting on whether or not it's Nephtys or Eachtar who will see a remake. Meanwhile Mordecai and Cerberus are annoyed they can't bet on themselves. In the end they bet on Nephtys as she treats them nicely at least.
For Shadowcraft Burial Rite Shadow continues to rule the Necropolis followed by a bit of Hades Shadow. Shadow continues to be one of the strongest classes in the meta due to being quite tough to get rid of. Could the mini expansion impact this in any way ? Who knows, we'll have to wait and see if anything happens there.
Burial Rite Shadow
A midrange deck built around Burial Rites and Reanimation. The continued success of the Necromancy variant with Gremory and Shuten Doji has largely left the Aisha variant at the fringe of the meta now (though still sees some play) as it has more resiliency and more options in terms of gameplan. A strong deck that does perform better with an experienced player but can be handled by less experienced ones reasonably well too.
Hades Shadow
A combo deck built around Hades. The deck has been shifted to the fringes of the meta by Burial Rite Shadow by now. As while it is nice, it just lacks the raw strength of Burial Rite Shadow, additionally some also run Hades which further infringes upon Hades Shadows turf. So a nice deck, but more something for the enthusiasts as this point.
In the decadent manor of Bloodcraft where blood flows as freely as the wine. We find Vania and Medusa arguging over who is more likely to get a remake with Vania sure it's her turn this time around and Medusa countering that she is waaay cuter and is totally get another one before Vania. It almost breaks into a fight but Mono is quick to interfere and calm them down and point out that if they cause any trouble.. Urias is coming after them.
For Bloodcraft Control Blood Remains the most played followed by Wrath. Blood remains somewhere in the middle as it does lack something extra in the meta at the moment. Perhaps the mini expansion could provide just the tools for that.
Control Blood
A control deck built around a mix of Vengeance and Avarice and Evolve. A strong deck but one that does require a lot of skill to succesfully pilot in the current meta which does keep it somewhat in check. So a bit tough to recommend, additionally Azazel does rotate out at the end of September.
Wrath Blood
A midrange deck built around Wrath. The deck continues to see some play the fringes of the meta but generally not a lot. It struggles against a lot of the top decks, though perhaps the mini expansion could provide an extra helping hand. So while decent it will require some effort to make work currently.
In the great Cathedral of Havencraft where Prayers ring eternally. We find Elana a bit worried about her leader card after having seen Lishennas and hopes she won't have to wear something like that as it would be rather unbecoming of Clergy like her.
For Havencraft Elana Haven remains the top deck followed by Elana Haven. The class overall struggles as it has no real way to challenge any of the top decks seriously at the moment. We'll have to see if the mini expansion can change things up there.
Elana Haven
A midrange deck built around Healing. The deck is a solid deck but does lack something explosive to really challenge some of the top decks currently, this along with a higher skill requirement does keep its numbers very much in check. A tougher deck to recommend as core components will rotate out at the end of September.
Amulet Haven
A midrange deck built around Amulets. A decent deck that sees some fringe play but due to a lack of consistency and more gameplans with the amulets is rather held back in terms of overall powerlevel. A deck that will require some effort to work on ladder properly.
In the Vertex Colony high in orbit over some unknown world. The excitement is palatable in the air. Lishenna is soon coming to join the other leaders. While the others are over the moon, Yuwan is a bit worried that the new dress she is having might cause a demand for the others to get one like that.. which is going to be a pain to deal with for him, but he figures he'll deal with that when that time comes.
For Portalcraft Artifact Portal and Float Portal continue to be the two decks of choice. Overall though the class is very much held afloat by Artifact Portal currently and the mini expansion is not showing any signs of changing that for now.
Artifact Portal
A midrange deck built around Artifacts. Overall a very solid deck that does require a good deal of skill to pilot, but in the right hands can do reasonably well against most decks in the current meta and so is popular for that reason. That said the high skill cap does hold it back in popularity on the ladder a bit.
Float Portal
A control deck built around floating Playpoints. The deck is a fringe deck at the moment that sees some play here and there but overall lacks bigger impact and tools to really do well along with more decks to prey on which is probably the biggest issue it has at the moment. So while decent it is a tougher deck to recommend.
So there you have it. Overall no real changes to the meta this week as things are mostly quiet before the mini expansion and any potential balance changes. Hopefully it stirs things up a bit and result in a few new decks as that would be nice. Otherwise we'll have to look forward to the Fate's Trigger expansion and hope that one really shakes things up and throws them around.
So until next week. Have fun playing Shadowverse!
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Trophy gallery, part 2 (With help from u/Gwultz)

(Thank you to u/Gwultz for helping me with these trophy descriptions. Huge shout out to 'em.) With that being said, here's "Best of the Smash AU trophy gallery, part 2."

Dennis (alt 2)
You'd think that Dennis would take to the merging of all dimensions into the world of trophies like a fish out of water, but not long after the Neo Subspace Army rose, he took a job from SMG3 to serve as a primary enforcer. From duking it out with Noctis in a high-speed vehicular duel to defending the Toppat transport train, this furious fish has a bad habit of rigging fights in his favor by keeping several stolen Endoskeletons on standby to attack. What a crook!
Flamethrower Bare Endo
I'm certain you're wondering how we at Fazbear Incorporated build all your Fazbear friends+ to life, then look no further than Flamethrower Bare Endo! His high pressure flamethrower allows him to fuse all the bits and pieces together with jaw-dropping ease, and he doesn't require eat or sleep!++ From Friendo Endo+++ to even ol' Freddy himself, you can take heart in knowing that every single one of our classic characters was built to last.
+This phrase is copyrighted by Fazbear Incorporated, and use of it for business or pleasure without proper consultation from the Fazbear legal team is grounds for us to sue.
++Fazbear Corporate cannot and will not confirm or deny any accusations of us forcing our workers to neglect eat and sleep regardless. Remember: You can't prove anything!
+++Due to a minor shipping snafu, Flamethrower Bare Endo and Friendo Endo share remarkably similar serial numbers and other such internal data, so Fazbear Incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if, by some miraculous mix-up, Flamethrower Bare Endo is delivered to your house instead of Friendo Endo, even and especially if Flamethrower Bare Endo goes haywire. Again, you can't prove anything!
First appearance: FNAF AR: Special Delivery
Doctor Zomboss
Full name Edgar George Zomboss. This postmortem brainiac maniac graduated from college at the top of his thanatology class, and immediately set about the construction of a powerful Zombot mech and a massive zombie army, seeking to dominate his local suburban subdivision. Short in stature and in temper, Zomboss is quick to berate his zombie troopers whenever a plan to beat the plants goes pear-shaped. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies
King Knight
Once thought to be the champion who would save the valley from the Enchantress, King Knight let his pride and ambition go to his head, and soon turned against the people to join her evil Order of no Quarter. Cocky, blustering, and eager to set straight any who dare to knock him from his usurped throne, this gilded goon is a force to be reckoned with, even in spite of his soft spot for his beloved mother. First appearance: Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope
Coming from a long line of evil tyrants , Kaos strives to defeat the Skylanders and conquer the Skylands once and for all, both to satiate his own pride and to one-up his much more successful family. Though his arrogance and lack of evil street-smarts often comes back to bite him, he is still not to be underestimated. His DOOMSHARKS are a sight to behold! First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure (console edition)
The two warring deities of light and dark, Galeem and Dharkon, were so preoccupied with their battle against the Smash Brothers and each other that they were thoroughly unprepared for Ultron (now possessing the body of YHVH) infecting them both with his highly advanced new Ultron virus. Seeking to satisfy his own morbid curiosity as well as defeat the Smashers, the AI fused the two gods into Ahlgon, God of dusk. With both gods still locked in bitter combat inside this unstable fusion, Ahlgon is constantly at war within itself, and now craves the bitter yet merciful embrace of death even as it lashes out at the Smashers with everything it has. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Makoto Yuuki (Persona series)
This second year student is different than most: Having a bit of Death trapped within him, he found the Ability to form bonds with others. First appearance: Persona 3
This cherry loving Stand user had 50 days of friendship, before he sacrificed himself to reveal the stand ability of DIO. First appearance: Jojo's bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.
One of the primary commanders of the Subspace army, Duon packs two varieties of punch. His blue half can cleave foes in two with a flurry of sword strikes and charge attacks, while his pink half can lay down hurt from afar using two arm cannons and a mortar integrated into his head. Neo Tabuu expended plenty of Shadow Bugs in order to bring Duon back, but as a result of the damage sustained in his first bout against the Smashers on the battleship Halberd, Duon has gone from strong-but-silent war machine to chipper, occasionally snarky assistant bot, though he retains his deadly combat ability and loyalty to Tabuu. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
You thought that it was a different trophy, but it was him! DIO (all caps necessary) has been the vampiric mortal foe of the Jojo family line for generations. Though he doesn't have Death himself on his side like a certain other vampire, he does have a flair for the dramatic, significant physical prowess, and a powerful stand that allows him to freeze time for ten seconds. However, he's quite cocky, which tends to be his downfall more often than not. So, kind of like Dracula, but with a bit of Bowser thrown in, which would explain his passing resemblance to one of the Koopa King's alternate skins.... First appearance: Jojo part 1
Henry Stickmin
A kleptomaniacal stick figure with plenty of adventures under his belt, Henry's gotten himself in and out of too many jams to count. Stealing gems, busting out of prisons, bringing down criminal organizations, you name it, he's done it, in spite of (or perhaps because of) his wildly unpredictable luck. Though Henry started out as a simple petty thief, later games in his series would allow players to set him on more altruistic paths. One has to wonder, what's next for him? First appearance: Breaking the Bank (or crossing the pit if you want to get technical)

Yang Xiao Long
Ruby's older sister, and quite the brawler! With her dual shotgun gauntlets, Ember Celica, she can hit quite hard. And with her semblance, Burn, you can bet she's a bartender's worst nightmare! First appearance: Yellow trailer, or RWBY Volume 1
He has chortles! This green Beanbean Kingdom Resident fights using his vaccum helmet, and an arrangement of technology! First appearance: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (2003)
Aperture Science Turret
Standing guard over the long abandoned testing facilities of Aperture Science, these Turrets operate on a simple, yet effective, subroutine: if something catches their eye, they'll shoot. Simple as that. Each turret eschews the traditional gunpowder-using chamber mechanism in favor of launching bullets with springs. Though each projectile packs way less of a punch because of this, it allows them to store 100% more bullet per bullet. First appearance: Portal
Kaos tasked this big bot with drilling for the lost city of Arkus at his big rig. Drill-X often got bored with the monotonous process, and attempted to alleviate his boredom by picking up a side career in rapping, so don't be surprised if he spits fire as hot as the fireballs launched from his drill during battles against him. After being defeated by the Giants and taking on the brief career as a chef, Drill-X returned as part of the Neo Subspace army, integrating himself into Metal Gear REX to dish out twice the painful payback. First appearance: Skylanders Giants (console edition)
Star allies sparkler
You thought the Dragoon and the friend star packed a pink punch? Take a look at this baby! By harnessing the power of their best friendships, Kirby and his Star allies transformed the friend star into this new vehicle to chase after Void Terminia. With the ability to fire powerful charged unison blasts and fly at the speed of light, the Neo Subspace Army got a firsthand taste of friendship power at the wings of this baby in chapter 999: The great invasion 2: electric boogaloo. Even I have to say it, that scene was awesome! First appearance: Kirby Star Allies
Hole punch (Paper Mario)
Hole punch loves to jam out to some sick beats! In the Neo Subspace army, he serves under King Olly AND Neo Tabuu! First appearance: Paper Mario the Origami King (2020)
Belle Fontire
Tascorp's very own Meta Runner was actually on the heroes side during Subspace 2. The only thing that matches her gaming skill is her attitude! First appeareace: Meta Runner (2019)
Fall Guy (alt one)
The Fall Guys game show was rife with a variety of comical yet painful booby traps, ranging from bouncy bumpers to swinging wrecking balls, and Fall Guy can wield and deploy all of them as part of his move set. This is a bit of a triple-edged sword: these traps can launch him around just as much, but Fall Guy has the unique ability to deal damage to enemies he gets launched into. Sometimes it's worth taking a knock on the noggin to close out that final win! First appearance: Fall Guys
Doctor Zomboss (alt 2)
When Zomboss was called into another dimension by Neo Tabuu, he had fully expected to leave the Subspace demigod speechless with his intellect and zombie army. However, it was the Doctor who was left speechless, as the neon butterfly of death threw him out on his ear. Fuming from this humiliation, the brainiac maniac found a kindred spirit in Kaos, who was similarly rejected. Though the two at first bickered over who would conquer where and who was the bigger evil genius, both undead and dark portal master soon found that they had plenty in common, such as hatred of a bearded arch-enemy's army and the incompetence of their minions, and hit it off swimmingly from there. Now the dastardly duo seek to put pay to both the Smash Brothers and the Neo Subspace Army, and rule over all worlds for all time. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies
Ruby Rose (Alt 2)
Ruby has seen death itself now. ANd now, in her Mistral outfit, she's ready to take on anything! (Yet the dead are still alive) and she's ready to help the heroes! First appearance: RWBY volume 1
Wheatley (Portal)
Wheatley is now in control of the facility, and Neo Tabuu makes sure to check on him and his little death traps. Wheatley was secretly planning on getting his vengeance on GlaDoS, and the person who threw him into space.
Bare Endo
Though we at Fazbear incorporated make our top priority to bring food, fantasy, and fun to families of all shapes and sizes, we still have a business to run, so you'll have to understand if renting out our beloved characters through our patented Special Delivery app is a touch above your budget. But that doesn't mean we can't offer a more affordable option to bring yourself some joy! Introducing Friendo Endo! Available for rent at a discounted price from the rest of your Fazbear Friends, Endo won't let his lack of a costume stop him from giving you a fun time, and you can dress him however you want! And for a small additional fee, we'll send him to your home decked out with the latest in AnimStealth technology. Friendo Endo, the latest addition to the Fazbear Family, dedicated to bringing you Food, Fantasy, and Fun! (Brought to you in partnership with the Neo Subspace Army. Warning: Fazbear incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if Endo goes haywire, including damage to hearing sustained from his stunning sonic screech. Remember: you can't prove anything!) First appearance: FNAF 2
Neo Tabuu puts these walking bundles of shadow bugs back into the fray as cannon fodder, but due to his more limited supply of power, these guys are a little less concentrated, from a literal and figurative sense. They'll just as often engage in dress-up as they will attack you, and one even joins Captain Goomba against the Subspace Army. They just don't make em like they used to, I suppose... First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Hyness and his three Mage generals were banished by the ancients for resorting to drastic measures to stop a great galactic crisis, and the leader of the Jamba cult was driven mad by this injustice. Seeking to get revenge on them, Hyness attempted to summon the dark God of destruction Void Termina, the strongest warrior in the galaxy Galacta Knight, and even sought to draw upon power from Another Dimension, corrupting him and his Mages in the process. Thankfully, Kirby and his friends defeated the officiant of doom and his generals at every turn, eventually purifying them with his friend hearts. Hyness is now back to being the kind soul he used to be, but he can still be a bit senile.... First appearance: Kirby Star Allies
The Necrodancer
Once a humble bard named Octavian, the mad whispers of the golden lute warped his mind, body, and soul. Now standing guard over his crypt, the Necrodancer raises an army of undead and monsters with his malicious melodies, and any who try to take his lute will be on the receiving end of of a deadly power chord! First appearance: Crypt of the Necrodancer
Dennis (alt 2)
You'd think that Dennis would take to the merging of all dimensions into the world of trophies like a fish out of water, but not long after the Neo Subspace Army rose, he took a job from SMG3 to serve as a primary enforcer. From duking it out with Noctis in a high-speed vehicular duel to defending the Toppat transport train, this furious fish has a bad habit of rigging fights in his favor by keeping several stolen Endoskeletons on standby to attack. What a crook!
Flamethrower Bare Endo
I'm certain you're wondering how we at Fazbear Incorporated build all your Fazbear friends+ to life, then look no further than Flamethrower Bare Endo! His high pressure flamethrower allows him to fuse all the bits and pieces together with jaw-dropping ease, and he doesn't require eat or sleep!++ From Friendo Endo+++ to even ol' Freddy himself, you can take heart in knowing that every single one of our classic characters was built to last.
+This phrase is copyrighted by Fazbear Incorporated, and use of it for business or pleasure without proper consultation from the Fazbear legal team is grounds for us to sue.
++Fazbear Corporate cannot and will not confirm or deny any accusations of us forcing our workers to neglect eat and sleep regardless. Remember: You can't prove anything!
+++Due to a minor shipping snafu, Flamethrower Bare Endo and Friendo Endo share remarkably similar serial numbers and other such internal data, so Fazbear Incorporated is not responsible for any damage incurred if, by some miraculous mix-up, Flamethrower Bare Endo is delivered to your house instead of Friendo Endo, even and especially if Flamethrower Bare Endo goes haywire. Again, you can't prove anything!
First appearance: FNAF AR: Special Delivery
Young Anakin
Before he was the towering dark lord of the Sith, or even before he was the trusted Jedi partner of Obi-Wan, Anakin Skywalker was a child, just like you or me. Born into a life of slavery, young Ani spends his time scavenging for parts to tinker with, and he's surprisingly resourceful for a boy his age, having built a protocol droid and repaired a defunct pod racer all on his own. However, his unnaturally high midichlorian count, as well as his desire to deliver him and his mother to better lives at any cost, serve as sobering reminders to his final destiny. First appearance: Star Wars episode I: The Phantom Menace
A vicious, cold-blooded predator, Dennis makes his living as an assassin and hired thug, and he really enjoys his work. In addition to his combat knife, he also makes use of his spiky boots to literally stomp out his targets. Holding a major chip on his shoulder ever since SpongeBob and Patrick managed to slip away from him, Dennis is determined to always get his man. First appearance: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Bowser's castle hangout
It's true what they say, "A koopas home is his castle." The infamous king Bowser Koopa spends most of his time here waiting for Mario to show up and rescue Peach. Pick your poison wisely when fighting on this perilous stage. The left side is populated with firebars and Thwomps looking to catch unsuspecting guests. The right side seems much more innocuous, but keep an eye on that axe- one good hit will send it tipping over, knocking the bridge out. It'll come back eventually of course, but anyone standing there when it collapses will take an extra steamy lava bath! First appearance: Super Mario Bros.
An annual contest where builders from all around the world show off their skills, the big winners of Endercon get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the famous warrior of the Order of the Stone, Gabriel. A large central platform will instantly be constructed in the middle for fighters to duke it out, but plenty of builds will show up for you to stand on, be them on or off the stage. Just don't get too comfy on them, cause they'll soon be taken down for the next build to take their time in the sun. First appearance: Minecraft story mode
Rubber band
One of the members of King Olly's legion of stationary, Rubber Band fancies themself an entertainer, even though their stage plays are all designed to bring an end to their King's most persistent foe, Mario. Pull back the proverbial gossamer curtain with the 1000-fold arms will reveal the elastic entertainers significantly less impressive true form, but they won't simply give up there, and will launch themselves into the portly plumber at the speed of sound for big damage. First appearance: Paper Mario: the origami king
Robo Right Hand Man
Even Henry defeating him on the Toppat airship isn't enough to put this persistent thug down for keeps. Brought back to life as a cyborg, RHM now has several powerful weapons integrated directly into his body, notably rocket thrusters and a laser eye. Depending on what choices the player made after defeating him, ol' Righty could end up as the new boss of the Toppats, or even working alongside Henry. First appearance: Completing the Mission
Night guard office
A simple desk equipped with buttons to close the heavy duty doors and a security monitor, this office has served many a Fazbear night watchman well, or so the company claims. As a stage, fighters will be shrunken down to fit on the desk. Just be sure to hit the door buttons when you spot an animatronic in the doorway! While they'll pay no mind to you, the nasty sight will leave fighters paralyzed for a time.
hey, izanos! It's everyone's favorite Pa_er Mario boss, Doo_liss! This ghouls _owers go behind even sha_eshifting, as he can steals someone's name and body easy as _ie! Though Doo_liss had a bit of an aloof, _unkish streak, he did turn over a new leaf by the end of his home game and and started a career acting in _lays. Maybe that's why _eo_le were so _leased to see him make a _layable debut here! First a_earance: Pa_er Mario: the thousand year door
sssss.... KAPOW! That's the sound a creeper will make when it sneaks up behind you and combusts without warning, depriving you of all your things and sending you right back to your bed. Fans of Minecraft love to hate the creeper so much, it's seen as an unofficial mascot for the game. Just don't be so mad at them you lose your cool and try to strike them with lightning, or you'll charge them right up. The only thing rarer than a charged Creeper is a player who survives an encounter with one! First appearance: Minecraft
Tourist trap island
This Neighborville tourist hotspot just sort of showed up one day, but who can resist a lovely tropical island? However, it's not all fun and games in paradise, as the evil Doctor Zomboss has staffed the island with his loyal undead minions, and seeks to use his diabolical weather machine to leave any passing cruise ships stranded as brain meals! As a stage, fighters will be caught in unpredictable gale force winds at the base of the primary storm machine. Keep that switch pushed into the off setting, or you'll spend more time getting pushed around then you will fighting. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
Aw, isn't this just the most adorable little thing?.... Actually, not really. With its creepy vacant stare and needle-sharp teeth, Plushtrap was presumably an ill-fated attempt by Fazbear Incorporated to break into the world of marketable plushes. Still, at least it's not out to murder you like the animatronic it's based off of. Hold on, did it just move? First appearance: FNAF 4
Trash and the gang
Budget options for the budding pizzeria owner, Trash and the gang are.... I mean.... They're better than nothing, I suppose. They don't sing, they don't dance, they don't even stay together half the time, but they'll do until you can get some proper moolah under your belt. Even when they returned in the Ultimate Custon Night, the only way they could hinder players was by making distracting noise. I'm not sure these guys will live on in the hearts of children. First appearance: FNAF pizzeria simulator
King Boo
The spectral monarch of all ghosts, King Boo once tried to trick Mario into being trapped in a haunted mansion, only to be foiled by his brother Luigi. This left the ghost King with a major bone to pick against the number 2 plumber, and he's hounded poor Luigi to the ends of the earth ever since, hoping to extract revenge. Armed with his power-enhancing crown and mighty illusionary powers, this is one Boo you definitely wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, and even staring him right in the eyes won't keep you safe from him for long. First appearance: Luigi's Mansion
Doctor Zomboss (alt 1)
Zomboss is more of a hands-off type of commander, preferring to hang back and pummel plants from afar with a barrage of projectiles. Thrown wrenches and zombie heads do the job nicely, but for something a little meatier, he can whip out on of many miniature Zombot heads to launch more powerful projectiles depending on what Zombot it is, such as fire breath, missiles, or an incursion of imps. To keep enemies from reaching him before he can start firing away, Zomboss relies on the other half of his arsenal: Zombie summoning. Bucket headed Meatshields, lightning fast Pole vaulters, or more unorthodox picks like Jesters and Jack-in-the-boxers, one thing is for sure, they'll lay down massive hurt while Zomboss plugs away!
Zombot's wrath
Breaking open the Smash Ball as Doctor Zomboss will summon his most powerful creation to the battlefield: The Zombot 9000. Bombarding the stage with elemental breath attacks while summoning huge waves of zombies, foes are sure to get stomped one way or another. For the figurative cherry on top, the Zombot throws a Winnebago before flying away, launching whoever gets hit and ensuring some poor soul has to live with insurance premiums that go through the roof.
A cold and callous shell of a man, Takaya is the leader of Strega, a group who stands in opposition to S.E.E.S and seeks to bring about the fall of man. Takaya lacks empathy, seeing anything not done for one's own gain or indulgence as useless, and holds the bitter and nihilistic view that all of humankind craves death. Unlike S.E.E.S, Takaya doesn't need an evoker to summon his Persona, which may be for the best. Imagine if he confused it with his revolver, or vice versa! Actually, that'd probably make him much easier to deal with. First appearance: Persona 3
The Lich (EtG)
Awaiting all worthy challengers in the depths of Bullet Hell is the Lich, the timeless and immortal master of the Gungeon. Some think that this Revenant with a revolver used to be the first who conquered the Gungeon, but it's doubtful that any can confirm these claims, and the Lich himself isn't telling. With a supremely steady eye and the itchiest trigger finger you've ever seen, defeating the Lich is an impossibility for all but a master marksman. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
This tool is one of few things that allow a Persona user to call upon their Persona in the real world. Despite its resemblance to a pistol, this is purely for show, and the user is in no danger when they point it at themselves and pull the trigger. However, it does force the user to subconsciously confront the possibility that they may die there, and these feelings of stress are what allow their Persona to surface. First appearance: Persona 3
Rival to SMG4, this mad machinimist wants payback against him ever since he got caught stealing content. He's made a few attempts to go straight, but circumstances have turned against him as of recent, tragically setting him firmly on the path of do-baddery. Though his scheme have had limited success in the past, he might just be able to harness the power of the YouTube Remote to turn the tables on his more popular counterpart and establish an iron grip over YouTube once and for all. Fun fact: he has a doctorate in psychology! First appearance: SMG4 vs SMG3 (SMG4 series)
Captain Smasher
The nastiest undead menace to ever set sail, Captain Smasher was sealed away for many years, only to be freed by the Dave-bot 9000 as part of a misheard request for Crazy Dave's birthday gift. Armed with a cannon and a craving for vitamin C, this cruel captain is immune to damage unless you vanquish his cursebearers first. First appearance: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Bullet Kin
These adorable little guys make up the first line of defense for the Gungeon, but don't let this looks fool you. Bullet kin, like all Gundead, are belligerent by nature, so don't be afraid to show them who's boss. Though Bullet Kin are simple enough opponents on their own, huge numbers can easily overwhelm an unprepared Gungeoneer, and some can come with rapid fire capabilities or the foresight to lead their shots to boot. To make a long story short, cuddling is a bad idea. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
The gun that can kill the past
Contained in a musty chest hidden in the depths of the fifth chamber of the Gungeon, TGTCKTP, rather than shooting the enemy, shoots its wielder back in time to the moment of their greatest regret. Even though such an artifact has driven many to madness trying and failing to find and use it, you'd be surprised at what people would be willing to go through for that second shot. Matter of fact, maybe if I..... What am I saying?! Never mind. Just know that to find and use this gun to its full potential is a great feat indeed. First appearance: Enter the Gungeon
An unnerving create of Subspace that hangs from seemingly endless marionette strings, lashing out with claws and lasers. Rumor has it that Fazbear Incorporated established a partnership with the Neo Subspace army in exchange for the army not suing them for reasons relating to this freakish foe. Puppits are a touch more unpredictable than their last appearance, and will sometimes latch on to fighters without warning. Yikes! First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Spell Punks
Mysterious mages that hail from the Skylands, Spell Punks each have mastery over one element. You can tell them apart by their distinctive colors and different abilities. Air Punks speed up their allies, Life Punks heal them, Magic conceals, Earth shields, Undead summon undead minions, tech locks on to their enemies with mighty sky lasers, water freezes foes, and Fire rapidly shoots flame bursts. Got it? Good! Now just try to remember all that when you have an army Bearing down on you as those Punks hide in the back, providing support and covering fire! First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Another returning Subspace goon, Armight neglected to bring all too many new tricks for this game. His mustache is slightly fancier and he'll sometimes attack all around him with a spinning headbutt,mbut he mostly just sticks to his old attacks of slashing and throwing swords. Some may call him archaic, but he calls it honorable, and there's something to be said about how he can hold his own amidst all his peers and their innovations. Good on you, Armight! First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Nyx avatar
The incomplete bringer of Erebus, made manifest by humanity's desire for death, Nyx is progenitor of the dark hour and the resultant shadows. If S.E.E.S wish to save all of humankind, they must scale Tarterus once more and cast Nyx back to whence it came. Though Nyx's influence and power has waned ever since it was brought into the world of trophies, it still holds immense almighty power, especially when Scissors channels their deathly energies through his dual blades. First appearance: Persona 3
Fa-shwing! Let's go, bub! This copyright-friendly troll enemy is one of the heavy hitters of Kaos' army. The claw on his right arm allows it to let loose with many a powerful combo, and the shield on his left can deflect attacks. He lowers it when he's about to strike though, and that's your chance to shred him right back. Even though Trollverine is annoying to deal with, at least that helmet of his looks cool. First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Goliath Drow
Living up to his name, this deluxe-sized Drow trades the finesse of his smaller brethren for raw power. A shame he puts that strength to use working for the forces of darkness, because he'd be quite a boon as a handyman. As it stands though, those guards on his forearms give his charge attack some extra "oomph," and there's no way to knock him out of it- When taking a stand against this Titan, you either move or get moved. If you're unlucky, Goliath Drow may come partnered with Life Spell Punks who'll heal them up, just for an extra kick in the teeth. First appearance: Skylanders: Spyro's adventure
Jack Frost
Hee-ho! One of the most iconic demons to ever appear in an ATLUS title, Jack Frost is a mythical trickster of snow and ice. Naturally, he packs several powerful Bufu spells that he can use to freeze enemies right in their tracks. His fame even extends to his own universe, as there's plenty of merchandise of him to be found. But wait, I though most normal people were unaware of shadows like him! Hmm... Something's fishy here. First appearance: Shin Megami Tensai
Despacito Spiderlings
Offspring of the more threatening Despacito Spider, these little buggers swarm a target en masse, hoping to defeat it with sheer numbers. Though they lack the mental compulsion abilities of their fully grown form, they do pack something far more horrifying: the implication that these things breed. I'm not sure I want to know, really.... First appearance: Roblox
Right Hand Man
Second in command of the Toppats and best friend of Reginald, no one actually knows RHM's true name. One thing that is known about him is his dedication to the Toppat cause and deadly fighting ability. A physical powerhouse who packs hefty firearms and advanced combat techniques like reflectors and shockwaves, you'd do well not to trifle with him, or he'll hound you to the ends of the earth to get payback. First appearance: Infiltrating the airship
Master Kohga
*After the Sheikah tribe failed to stop the great Calamity from ravaging Hyrule, the people turned against the advanced monks. Though some stayed dedicated to the cause of protecting the people, others grew bitter and sought revenge, forming a subsect known as the Yiga clan who worshipped Ganon and attacking anyone they came across. Formed by many deadly assassins and blademasters, none is more dangerous than Master Kohga, who wields the ancient Sheikah techniques of force shields, levitation, and magnetization with practice and skill in battle against the hero of the wilds. Well, maybe not TOO much skill. Just bop him while his projectiles hover over him, and see what I mean. First appearance: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Galleom 2.0
This classic Subspace war machine spent some time as a spirit after being defeated by three traveling swordsmen and two young boys, but Neo Tabuu rebuilt, revamped, and refurbished him for revenge. Galleom 2.0 is significantly stronger than the previous model (which is certainly saying something!) and is much more versatile too, with many new armaments such as a powerful flail weapon and a nasty heavy duty laser cannon concealed within those big metal fists. Though this rampaging Robo-Rhino is a creature of few words, it does exude an aura of respect for those who can surpass even it in combat. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
GAL Mobile Weapons Platform
Short for Gatling Assault Laser mobile weapons platform, this Neo Subspace army transport vehicle was modeled after Galleom's tank form. In addition to the countless Shadow Bugs it contains to release in the form of Primids and other such bad guys, this assault vehicle is equipped with a Gatling laser and two missile launchers to discourage any attackers, and it's rocket boosters and thick metal armor allow it to soak up damage and ram opponents with impunity. However, there's also a certain nostalgic feeling one gets when they look at it and remember what it was based off of. Ah.... Even now, it brings back fond memories of that showdown in the wilds. First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Neo Tabuu
Once thought to be destroyed along with his Great Maze, Tabuu has risen again by absorbing the power of two fallen gods of light and dark. Determined to see his vision of a world of Subspace come to fruition, he adopts the moniker of Neo Tabuu as he scours the multiverse for worthy generals to serve in his new army. Whatever dimension the neon butterfly hailed from is long lost to history, but whether that plays a role in his motives is anyone's guess. Just what is he..? First appearance: Super Smash Brothers AU
Reginald Copperbottom
Don't let his impeccable fashion and posh accent fool you- this stick figure has lead the notorious Toppat Clan on many a successful heist. He earned both his second hat and leadership of the clan by overthrowing the previous leader. Though Reginald may insist upon the clan following a sort of honor code, he himself is known to take actions that are cowardly and downright dishonorable- but every decision he makes is to ensure that the clan prospers as it has done ever since it was first conceived. First appearance: Infiltrating the airship
These growing sumo-esqe Subspace bruisers are back to serve as heavy lifters and heavier hitters. Though most simply retain their ability to grow after being significantly hurt, some of the new generation of Nagagog have mutated the ability to grow into a form even stronger than their red form without taking any damage. However, these lucky few are so cocky as a result that you'll often find them napping on the job, allowing you to sneak past, or get in a preemptive strike if you're looking to tussle. You know what they say, "you snooze, you lose!" First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Yet another veteran enemy of the first Subspace war, Borboras is significantly more versatile than they were in their first incarnation. In addition to their previous ability to blow foes back with gale-force winds, they can spit bouncing bombs for more of a punch, or even signal other members of the Subspace army by trumpeting from their distinct snouts. Who says an old baddie can't learn new tricks? First appearance: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Futaba Sakura
A girl warped in a belief that she was the one who killed her mother, the Phantom Thieves stole her heart (After a blackmail from her, of course) First appearance: Persona 5
Steve [Minecraft] (Alt 2)
In Subspace 2, Steve seems harmless, at first. But he eventually does betray the heroes. How rude of him!
Right Hand Man (Alt 2)
After all his cybernetic upgrades, Right Hand Man is ready to battle Paper Mario in the center of Toad Town! Let's see him dodge everything he has! First appearance: Super Smash Bros AU: Subspace Emissary 2
Olivia ([Paper Mario] alt 2)
After sacrificing herself to undo her brother's destruction, Olivia wonders why she's back, in an arena with Chie Satonaka.
Ryuji Sakamoto
After his leg was broken, he could no longer be on the running team. Still doesn't stop him from chaining the hearts of all those Rotten Adults! First appearance: Persona 5
Paper Mario
Thinner Mario, bigger adventure! Paper Mario can turn into almost any form, and with is partners at his back, you can expect an awesome adventure! First appearance: Paper Mario
Ellie Rose
Another Wall convict, just like Henry. Henry either has the option to help or, or leave her behind. First appearance: Fleeing the Wall
Count Dooku
The mentor to Qui Gon Jinn, Count Dooku found his place on the Darker Side of the force. First appearance: Star Wars episode II: Attack of the clones
Cinder Fall
The one who aspired to be the Fall maiden, Cinder did almost anything to get hands hands on said power. First appearance: RWBY Volume 1 (Shadow), RWBY Volume 2 (First major screen appearance)
Fishy Boopkin's dating sim girlfriend brought to life, Saiko is still earning to be nice. First appearance: Doki Doki Mario Club (SMG4)
Fighters will be on street level for this stage, and the final Omnidroid from the film will be there. First appearance: The incredibles
The north-most kingdom in Remnant, Fighters will be taken using a platform all around! First appearance: RWBY Volume 7
Battle ring
A new mode was introduced, called Origami battles. Fighters take turns rotating the ring to fight. First appearance: Paper Mario the Origami King
Egypt city
Egypt City from part 3 is here! Be sure to try to combo into Road Roller! First appearance: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
London (POTC)
The opening part of On Stranger Tides is fully recreated here as a stage! First appearance: Pirates of The Caribbean
Mario (SMG4)
Mario's dumber variant. This idiot's blood type is apparently spaghetti, and he has "An infnite IQ." First appearance: SMG4: The cake is a lie
Tia Dalma
Calaypso in human form. She answers questions of destiny and fate. She could even give you a jar of dirt! First appearance: Dead Man's Chest
Petra (Minecraft)
Not much is actually known on Petra, as she keeps to herself, mostly. She does have a whiting habit, though. First appearance: MCSM, episode 1
Pyrrha Nikos
The face of Pumpkin Pete's cereal, Pyrrha the invicible believes in destiny. First appearance: RWBY Volume 1
Rob (SMG4)
One of the SMG3-Anti crew members, Rob LOVES corn. He has an almost unhealthy obsession with it. First appearance: SMG4: CORN
Gekkoukan Primary High School
The pride of Tatsumi Port Island, this is a playable stage.
Star Platinum
Jotaro's main stand, Star Platinum is worthy foe whenever used by the famous Stand User! First appearance: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
submitted by PowerPad to SmashAU [link] [comments]

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Wedges are sent in microcentrifuge tubes, wrapped in parafilm.
Other orders are sent using USPS bubble mailers, or USPS flat rate boxes and, where necessary, padding is added to ensure safe delivery of items. I ship from within the USA.
I ship Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Your order must be placed by 4 pm EST the day before shipping to make it out the next shipping day- see example below. Note that wedges only ship Tuesdays, thus any order with edible wedges will be held up until the following Tuesday and must be placed before 4 pm EST Monday to be shipping the following Tuesday.
Example. Order placed before 4 pm EST Monday will ship Tuesday. Order placed 6 pm EST Monday will ship Thursday etc. Order with edible wedges placed Wednesday at 2 pm EST will ship the following Tuesday.
Check out the 3200+ reviews from past customers, 2700 from Mushroomman666 Reviews! and over 500 on my website.
Additionally- If we do a transaction and you message me later saying you tried to cultivate with my product, you will be ignored, blocked and have no chance for refund (if you were applicable).


If you made it this far you deserve to order!! To do so, send me a private message with the following information or order through the website HERE.
  1. Order specifics- what you want and how many of each.
  2. Shipping state/country (I cannot ship active spores to CA, GA, or ID)
I will then direct you to my website if you haven't gone there first.
Make sure to be aware of the discount codes to order online
If you cannot order through the website, or need a custom order for a large/complex order, we will sort it out through messages and a custom invoice. You will need to message me if:
  1. You want to order edible/cultivation products and you are in GA, CA, ID, or international.
  2. Orders, including international, that want prints/swabs sent as a letter (not available for India).
  3. International print/swab orders who want tracked shipping.
  4. You want to pay with venmo- I belive I have enabled venmo payments on the website, you need to enable on your end (see this)! Check your settings first and let me know if it is not working for you
submitted by 666mushroomman666 to u/666mushroomman666 [link] [comments]

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